Financial Citizenship

Research on financial inclusion conducted by the GDEC Research Group at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in partnership with Instituto Propague. The work fosters the debate about the financial system and social inclusion with quantitative analysis using the Pesquisa de Orçamento Familiar (POF) survey.

About Financial Citizenship

Financial Citizenship can be defined as the condition of someone who can organize and manage their financial resources positively and independently. It is an integrated concept that includes financial inclusion, financial education and the protection for the consumer of financial services. Explore this content!
Instituto Propague participated in an international seminar on the role of fintechs in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals. Solutions aimed at empowerment and financial inclusion of vulnerable populations were highlighted, as well as the need for cooperation between public and private agents.
The article published in Boletim Econômico Capixaba addresses the importance of developing financial capability in the population and debates what should be done to leverage the economic and social benefits of the financial innovations that gained traction in Brazil in 2020.
In the week Pix started operating, we wrote an article for the Instituto Fernand Braudel de Economia Mundial in which we argue how the instant payment system can be the most efficient way to promote financial inclusion in Brazil, as demonstrated by foreign experiences, such as China and India.