Terms of Use

Last updated in: 1st of June of 2022

1 - About IPP

Instituto Propague (IPP) is a non-profit institution that emerged in 2019 and has the mission to expand the debate about the financial system in Brazil.

2 - Terms of Use

The access and use of Instituto Propague’s website is subject to these terms of use. Some parts of the website, services and content may include additional terms.

The terms of use may be modified at any time.

3 - Prior registration

No registration is required to access the website. 

For certain uses (e.g., downloading of ebooks or participation in courses and events) registration and/or provision of personal information may be required.

4 - Privacy

When there is collection and use of user’s personal data, it should be made in accordance with current legislation and the Privacy Policy of the Instituto Propague, available on our website.

5 - Copyright and Intellectual Property

The contents posted by IPP, including texts, books, articles, photographs, images, recordings, videos, sounds and other intellectual works, are protected by copyright and/or intellectual property rights. 

In some cases, Instituto Propague may allow the reproduction of the content by adopting open standard license. Whenever there is no express mention of an open license it should be assumed that the reproduction of the content, outside the legal assumptions, must be previously authorized.

6 - Rules of Conduct

The user undertakes not to use the site and its contents for the creation, production, reproduction, publication, and dissemination of:

a. Content that is defamatory, slanderous, abusive, offensive to honor, hateful to people or groups, discriminatory, containing insults, offenses or threats, violation of human rights and or that may violate any third party rights;

b. Advertising of any nature; and,

c. Counterfeit materials and or that violate copyright and other intellectual property rights.

7 - Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

This Policy shall be governed, interpreted, and executed in accordance with the legislation of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

The user expressly consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Central Forum of the District of the Capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro to settle any doubt arising from this instrument, and hereby waives any other forum, however privileged it may be.

8 - Questions, suggestions and doubts

All questions, suggestions, requests, and doubts regarding this policy should be sent by e-mail to the following address: